Here's how to get the best from TrakData

We're working hard to give you the finest Race Information Management app possible .. and all at the tap of your finger!

At some tracks you will have limited signal, so the app has been designed to work without a signal, and then synchronise with our encrypted database whenever your phone makes a proper connection, so safeguarding your data.

You can sync your setup data with your computer by going to www.trakdata.co.uk and logging in using the same details as you used for this app.

So what's in the TrakData app for you ..


Let's take each section in turn. Within some tabs there are sub-tabs to make finding certain types of information more easy.


A comprehensive list of MSA authorised circuits, leading to sub-tabs

• Circuit

Weather Forecast - live 3 day weather forecast of the area straight from the BBC

Location - shown as a pin in a Google map. The screen is zoomable for closer detail.

Track Phone No - just as it says

Entries Phone No - normally the competition secretary

Email Address - normally the competition secretary

• My Setup

• 31 seperate input boxes are organised into 3 sections for all your setup info. You can record your setups using
  any terminology you wish .. everyone has a different way of writing down this info!

  The green SAVE button encrypts your data and then saves it back to our server. This allows you to read or
  modify it through your computer. The sync is both ways, so the last input is the one that displays, no matter whether
  that was on your app or the website.

• Knowledge

Track Map - a circuit diagram, the length of the track and where the magnetic timing strips are

Lap Records - to give you some idea of what is quick .. something to aim for from the start!

Typical Gearing - suggested by the locals as a safe place to start your testing.

Local Sleeping - Direct booking system for accomodation of all types within 10 miles of each track.


The high performance formula for these calculations was devised and tested by some of the leading team and industry authorities. Properly used, the results should allow you to start your day ready


Latest news and comment direct from editor's desks .. and access to LIVETIMING as it happens!


An up-to-date list of UK events over the coming year.


OneTouch entry system. Tap the event and we'll send your registered details direct to the organising club!

Who's Who

• Organisations

A list of majors that you may need to contact

• About Us

Contact info - we'd love to hear from you .. please!

How to use - a brief app based reminder