Karting's Personal Race Information App

Quoted as " .. the finest Race Information Management app possible .. and all at the tap of your finger!"

TrakData includes a comprehensive Setup section where you can store your chassis and motor setup data for each track and even sync the data with your laptop.

Tap for track information including track maps & timing strips, typical gearing and other local knowledge. Local hotels are in there too.

To keep you informed, the latest karting news is fed live to your mobile from the offices of Karting Magazine.



A comprehensive list of MSA authorised circuits, leading to sub-tabs

My Setups

• 30 seperate input boxes are organised into 3 sections for all your setup info. You can record your setups using   any terminology you wish .. everyone has a different way of writing down this info!

  The green SAVE button encrypts your data and then saves it back to the server. This allows you to read or   modify it on your computer. The sync is both ways, so whichever saves the last is the one that displays. It is   only accessable using your ID and password, so please don't forget these!


Weather Forecast - live 3 day weather forecast of the area straight from the BBC
Location - shown as a pin in a Google map with a post code for your satnav.
Track Phone No - just as it says
Entries Phone No - normally the competition secretary

• Knowledge

Track Map - a circuit diagram, the length of the track and where the magnetic timing strips are
Lap Records - to give you some idea of what is quick .. something to aim for from the start!
Typical Gearing - suggested by the locals as a safe place to start your testing.
Local Sleeping - all types of accomodation within a 15 min radius can be booked directly through our system.


The high performance formula for these calculations was devised and tested by some of the leading teams. Properly used, the results should allow you to start your day ready.

Just enter the local air temp and pressure and TrakData will suggest the correct performance jetting.

If you don't have access to a barometer or weather station, a 'get-out-of-jail-free-card' would be to calculate your local pressure using the Mean Sea Level pressure given by weather forecasts, and adjust it according to your circuit height (rule of thumb is about 1mb per 10m height). TrakData gives access to BBC weather (which is updated every 2 hours) by tapping:


Circuits > Weather Forecast > 'More detailed weather' link bottom left hand corner > 'Humidity, visibility and pressure' link halfway down the page.

HUMIDITY: In testing, we found this not to be particularly influential in choosing initial jet size. Rule of thumb is that a very humid day (say above 80%) you might consider using 1 jet size leaner, and a very dry day (say less than 20% humdity) you might try 1 jet size larger than suggested by the TrakData calculator. However, we found at this level of accuracy, you are more likely to be influenced by other racing factors and so we decided to set the calculator at an average uk day 0f 65%.


Datum for the needle/position is K98/pos 2.


This is the raw news of kart racing, updated daily, warts 'n all !


A rolling list of UK events over the coming 2 months, updated weekly.

Who's Who

• Organisations

A list of majors that you may need to contact

• About Us

Contact info - we'd love to hear from you ..
How to use - a brief app based reminder